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Drama Professor Demonstrates Different English Dialects

University of Alberta drama professor David Ley is also a voice and dialect coach. In this eye-opening video that is trending now, he


Water Droplets Travel Leidenfrost Maze

The Leidenfrost Effect is the scientific phenomenon in which water dropped on a hot surface floats on a cloud of


Ohio University Marching Performs ‘What The Fox Say’ By Ylvis

Norwegian comedy group Ylvis exploded onto the viral video scene two weeks ago after debuting their latest music video, What The Fox Say.


11 Year Old Freshman Studies Calc and Physics At Texas University

A very special freshman just started classes at Texas Christian University. The Star Telegram Video reports that Carson Huey-You is only eleven years old,


Bald Eagle Crashes Inside University Chapel

To motivate and inspire, the Oral Roberts University in Tulsa invited World Bird Sanctuary handler Roger Wallace to have a very real


Direct Brain-to-Brain Communication In Humans Pilot Study

University of Washington's Neural Systems Lab has just debuted this groundbreaking video that demonstrates Direct Brain-to-Brain Communication In Humans.  In a scene


Colorado State University Student Wins Tuition For One Year After Scoring Half Court Shot

Last week, incoming Ball State freshman Markus Burden won a semester of paid tuition after scoring a half court shot.  Colorado State University upped


Epic Freshman Convocation Welcome Speech At Georgia Tech

Uhh. Freshman Convocation. Most kids just skip the boring welcome speeches to instead get a head start on the first beer


Fake MSU Football Player Mannequin Prank

The preseason for Michigan State University Spartans football has begun. As players and coaches were heading in to practice at


Parkour Robot

Human parkour is soo 2005. Thankfully, the University of Pennsylvani has been hard at work to create a true 'parkour robot,' called RHex.


Quadcopter Is Controlled With User’s Thoughts

Everyday, science is bringing us closer to the future. And the University of Minnesota is helping us all get there that much


Stephen Colbert Delivers University Of Virginia Valedictory Address

It's that time of year again. Every year when the weather begins to warm countless prestigious institutions rally famous celebrities