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How Does Silicone React In A Vacuum Chamber?

This video by Grant Thompson - "The King of Random" is trending heavily right now. The silicone vacuum experiment already


Irish Dad Tells Son To Start Vacuum Like Lawn Mower

It's the job of every father to explain to their son how to mow the lawn. That includes the difficult job


Cat Loves Being Vacuumed

Bobo the cat loves being vacuumed. But what's even more strange is that people apparently enjoy watching a cat being vacuumed.


Dad Uses Vacuum To Make Daughter’s Perfect Ponytail

Countless video and gif copies of this short yet very sweet clip have been circulating the web all week. Being


Baby Is Adorably Scared By Vacuum

This video by taj0616 was posted online way back in 2011, but it has started to trend now after being featured on


Cleaning Lady Vacuum Fail

This fail video by TheElijahdude features a very hard working cleaning lady with a mechanical problem. The hose is disconnected from the vacuum,


Baby Laughs Being Vacuumed

Little baby Bradley just loves when mom cleans the house. Then he gets to play with the vacuum! This adorable


Kittens Playing Accidently Turn On Vacuum

Curious kittens will always be mischievous. It's just in their nature. It seems the more kittens there are, the more mischief


Man Uses Vacuum Cleaner On Fire

Well, they found MacGyver's long lost brother. How'd they find him? Video has surfaced of him vacuuming a fire up.