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cat jumps over roses to celebrate Valentine's Day

Athletic Cat Jumps Over Valentine’s Day Roses

Cat Jumps Over Roses to Celebrate Valentine's Day Cats are incredible animals, and that is plainly evident in this video!


Simon’s Cat: Guide To Love

After the recent dinner date Simon's Cat published another video regarding Valentine's Day. "Happy Valentine’s Day! Have you ever wondered


You Suck At Cooking: Valentine’s Day Brownies

You Suck At Cooking shows us how to easily impress your better half (to be) with some sweetness.


Idris Elba Gets Valentine’s Day Advice from Kids

It's Valentine's Day! So maybe it is not to late for you to learn some valuable lessons - like Idris


Simon’s Cat – Dinner Date: Starters

Valentine's Day is coming and Simon's Cat is looking forward to it a lot! :) "A culinary cat helps Simon


Instant Date Dance With A Stranger Prank

Magician and prankster Stuart Edge wanted to do something special this Valentine's Day. So he and his crew put together an instant date


Simon’s Cat Tries To Woo His Valentine With Butterflies

Valentine's Day isn't just for people anymore. Simon's Cat wanted to impress his girlfriend too. So he pushed a present to her window and


Chocolatier Reviews Cheap Valentine’s Day Chocolates

Besides for Halloween, Valentine's Day is the biggest chocolate holiday. Who doesn't love receiving chocolate candies to be reminded how


Tiny Hamster Has An Adorable Tiny Valentine’s Day Date

Humans aren't the only ones celebrating their love this Valentine's Day. Hello Denizen loves their cute hamster, so they set up an


Twenty Love Songs In Twenty Different Styles

The love holiday everyone loves to hate is just around the corner. Single people especially hate Valentine's Day. To make


Valentines day MEME


Artist Yarn-Bombs The Subway For Valentine’s

The New York City subway system is a dark and grungy place full of hard plastics and metals.  Artist and