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SUPERMAN 64 Video Game Trailer

For some reason, video game companies really struggle when attempting to adapt a superhero into a game. Superman is, well, super,


Conan Plays Overwatch With Peter Dinklage And Lena Headey

The much anticipated first-person shooter video game by Blizzard, Overwatch, has finally debuted today. In that honor, late night host Conan


Conan Plays Mario Kart 8 With Seth Rogen And Zac Efron

Seth Rogen and Zac Efron are returning to the silver screen for the sequel of their hit college movie, Neighbors 2. In


Conan O’Brien Plays UFC 2 With Conor McGregor

Conan O'Brien is back with another episode from his ever popular video game review segment, Clueless Gamer. This time, he


Conan Plays Far Cry Primal With PewDiePie

As most people online already know, the most popular YouTuber in the world is gamer PewDiePie. His ridiculous playthroughs of popular


Conan Plays Fallout 4

Fallout is one of the most popular games in the post-apocalyptic RPG genre. The much anticipated sequel, Fallout 4, is debuting today.


Lil Wayne And Conan Play Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5

Video game companies love sports games because they can just tweak the concept a little each year and then sell a