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Villain Unintentionally Always Does Helpful Things

Neat little sketch by ProZD who presents to us the best villain there is - and got over 1.3 million…

Ulitimate Disney Villains Medley

Some of Disney's best work is their villains. From Maleficent, to Ursula, to Captain Hook, they all have larger than life personalities that…

Magneto Cat Is A Kitty Supervillain

Kaipotainment has gone viral in the past with their epically nerdy X-Men cats. The Web has already fallen in love with Wolverine…

Disney Villains In Real Life

Who hasn't been terrified by Jafar's evil laugh when he battles Aladdin? He's just so creepy. Disney is famous around the…

Disney Villains Cover One Republic’s Counting Stars

As every child and most adults know, Disney villains simply love to sing about their devilish plans to destroy happiness…

Movie Villain Medley Parodies Lady Gaga Songs

Youtuber Paint made a bunch of parodies of famous Lady Gaga songs, all with the theme of movie villains. He covers The…


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