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VitalyZDTV Streaks During 2016 NBA Finals Game

It's been a while since YouTube prankster Vitaly has been in the headlines. Just when you completely forgot about the


Prankster Terrifies Mom With Scary Chucky Prank For Halloween

Having a son who has made a huge success online is great. But there is a price to pay. As


Prankster Pretends To Be Arrested In Front Of Mom

Prankst Vitalyz is famous online for his outrageous pranks. After pranking countless strangers and friends he has pranked the one person left. His mom.


Using Other People’s Phone To Call In Ransom Prank

Popular Russian prankster Vitalyzd teamed up with fellow prankster Kevin to perform a seriously mean prank on the streets of LA.


Gold Digger Lamborghini Prank

Russian prankster Vitaly loves to catch so called 'gold diggers.' For his latest prank, he asked a girl for directions while


ATM Robbery Prank Is A Really Bad Idea

It seems some online pranksters may have taken their shenanigans a little too far in search off views. Popular YouTube prankster Vitalyzd teamed


Picking Up Girls In A Lamborghini Without Talking Prank

If you want to be popular with the ladies you have to take care of yourself, dress well, and be


Scary Big Foot Prank

The legend of Big Foot is still a popular myth. And it's because of pranks like this that so many


Russian Hitman Holding Hostage In Elevator Prank

The Internet knows that Russians are scary. So it's no surprise people on their way to a supposed job interview


YouTube Prankster Vitaly Helps Homeless Man Get New Set Of Teeth

Back in July, YouTube prankster Vitaly gave a random homeless man named Martin a makeover, including a haircut, new clothes,


The Gold Digger Test

Now that Russian YouTube prankster Vitalyzd has grown so popular, he has a problem most men wish for. Girls are much


Jason Voorhees With A Chainsaw Friday The 13th Prank

The Halloween season of fear has come early this fall with Friday the 13th falling out this weekend. To celebrate,