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Just A Casual Scuba Diving Session… Wait Is That An iPhone?!

The underwater world is beautiful, as you can see in this video. Lots of untouched nature, and this guy is


Casey Neistat Went Bowling In The White House Basement

If you get a mail of someone claiming, he'd work at the White House, offering you an evening with bowling


Aussie Teens Go Crabbing By Hand And Have Seafood BBQ

Even though it's nearly March, it's still pretty cold and nasty outside. Not so in Australia where it is averaging


Marv From Home Alone Is Still Terrified Of Kevin MacCallister

Last week, 1990's child star Macaulay Culkin hit the Web with a surprise video in which he brought a much older Kevin


Country Man Is Unapologetically Southern

 Chad Prather is a proud Southerner. But after getting messages and comments on his videos about his Southern accent he finally


Philip DeFranco Got Married And Had An Awesome YouTube Wedding

Most people on YouTube are familiar with Philip DeFranco who hosts the popular Philip DeFranco Show which has over 3.4 million subscribers.


Vlogger Skips Rocks On Frozen Lake, Creates Coolest Sound

YouTube Cory “Mr. Safety” Williams has a slightly popular vlog channel with over 100,000 subscribers. But this new video has exploded online with


Congrats To Philip DeFranco On Having A Baby Compilation

Philip DeFranco was one of the first professional vloggers on YouTube and stands with over 4 million subscribers on YouTube alone.


Charles Trippy Breaks Up With His Girlfriend Alli

Charles Trippy and his girlfriend Alli of CTFxC have long been the quintessential YouTube couple. They've been going out for years,


What If Life Were A Video

What if life was a video? What if you could fast forward through boring conversations at work to get to


Baby Takes First Selfie

Could this be the youngest vlogger ever? Saxtonmaryann says that she literally laughed out loud after finding this adorable selfie video


Philip DeFranco Announces His Fiance Is Pregnant

Philip DeFranco, most famous for hosting the popular Philip DeFranco Show, has great news to share with the Internet. He and