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Mario VS Minecraft

These days, it seems everyone is playing Minecraft. But what about the original hit video game Mario? The Italian plumber


Kobe Bryant And Michael Jordan Are Identical Part 3

A year ago, basketball fan Youssef Hannoun debuted the second episode in his series covering how similar Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant


Dr. Who VS Sherlock Holmes The Musical

The musical nerds at AVbyte have taken a move right out of Epic Rap Battles of History's playbook, and have pinned


George Washington VS William Wallace Epic Rap Battle

 Sir William Wallace is famous for defeating an English army at the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297. But let's be honest. He's


Stephen King VS Edgar Allan Poe

Stephen King is one of the creepiest authors out there today. But long before Stephen was even reading Dr. Seuss,


Action Movies VS Reality

Action movies are fun to watch, but they really take things too far. Everything, from a chase to a fight,


House Cats And Big Cats Are More Alike Than You Realize

The house cats the Internet and your grandmother love are of course cousins with big cats, such as lions, tigers, pumas,


Rick Grimes VS Walter White Epic Rap Battle

There's no question that The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad are two of the most popular TV shows from the past


Expectations And Reality Of Moving To New York City

New York, New York. It's one of the world's most famous cities in the world. There's good reason NYC has


Mario Kart 8’s Rainbow Road Compared With Mario Kart 64

Mario Kart is one of the most popular video game racing series. What gamer, serious or casual, doesn't love to


How Girls And Guys Drive Stereotypes

Let's face it. Girls and guys just aren't the same. Comedy channel JLE covers just one way men and women are


Prison Compared With School Will Shock You

America has a very serious education and prison problem. It seems like the drop out rate and incarceration rate only