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Awesome Reaction After Getting Stung In The Lip By Wasps Twice

Wasps can be brutal! José Rivas, comedian from Texas, got THAT lucky, he got stung twice from them. Both times…

Girl’s Slow Motion Video Is Interrupted By Wasp

Most of us can't help but mess around with our smartphone slow motion video recording setting. It's a fun way…

Huge Wasp Nest On Window Is Terrifying

Many people are scared of bees, but at least those buzzing insects have a sweet side, pollinating our plants and making…

Spider Wraps Its Prey Amazingly Quickly

Some dude captured a huge wasp, and made it duel with a similarly sized spider that had made a web…

Hand Feeding A Pet Wasp

This old video from 2009 has had a recent surge in viewers. A crazy person feeds their pet wasp with…


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