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Visiting A ‘Crazy’ In-Door German Water Park

Have you ever wanted to go to the water park, but didn't want the sun shining on your back? Then…

Men Ride World’s Tallest Water Slide

Water park enthusiasts are anxiously waiting for the Verruckt to finally open. The Verruckt is the world's tallest water slide, but it…

Point Of View Of World’s Tallest Water Slide Is Intense

There's nothing better than hitting the water slides at the water park to cool off in the summer. Now, you…

Drop Down Backwards From Monkey Bar Water Slide

Every water park in the world touts how they are the only establishment to have to tallest, biggest, or craziest…

Corgi Playing At Water Park

The Internet loves cute animals, but it has a special place in its heart for the corgi. There's just something…

Water Slide With Vertical Loop

Forget everything you thought you knew about water slides. This water park in Germany has the only (I think) water…


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