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Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell, Christina Aguilera Do The Tight Pants Dance

Well this is completely silly. And that's why the Internet is loving it! Since he was hosting comedian Will Ferrell…

Will Ferrell As An Exotic Animal Expert On Late Show With Stephen Cobert

Hosting animal experts with their cute and exotic animals has been a tradition on late night television for decades. But…

Will Ferrell Returns To SNL As George W. Bush

For eight long years, comedians and late night shows had it easy making fun of President Bush. Many comedians, such as…

Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake And Will Ferrell Look At Each Other

Jimmy Fallon is of course friends with countless famous celebrities, actors, and musicians. But fans know that he has a special…


Will Ferrell and his hands

Will Ferrell Recreates Harry Caray On The Late Show With David Letterman

Comedian Will Ferrell is well known for the many hilarious characters he played while on Saturday Night Live. As the Late Show with David…

Will Ferrell Dresses As Little Debbie On The Tonight Show

Comedian and actor Will Ferrell is well known for taking his comedy very seriously. When he commits to a gag he…

Celebrity Jeopardy Returns On SNL 40th Anniversary

One of Saturday Night Live's most popular and famous recurring sketches was Celebrity Jeopardy. Will Ferrell always played Alex Trebek, and Darrell Hammond…

Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart, And Jimmy Fallon Have An Epic Lip Sync Battle

Jimmy Fallon has become more famous for his hilarious games and sketches he frequently enjoys with his guests on The Tonight…


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