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Garbage Can Takes Out Kid

The wind unfortunately isn't this kids friend when he tried to move a garbage can over twice his size. AFV…

Garbage Can Takes Out Kid

A little kid, a little wind and there you have the fail of the week. Poor trash can... "Garbage can…

100+ MPH Winds Makes Guy Basically Fly

The Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire is experiencing some crazy powerful winds. Weather Observers Mike Dorfman and Tom Padham decided to check…

Trying To Drink In Extreme Winds Is Hilarious

Mark Tretter was visiting Iceland enjoying the island country when he noticed just how windy it was. That gave him an…

Scaffolding Falls Off Building In Downtown Portland

Blue Moon Bright Star's son was in Portland, Oregon celebrating his bachelor party when the wind really started to pick…

Powerful Winds Destroy Wind Turbine

Wind turbine generators often have a safety breaker to protect the blades when winds become too strong. But this windmill in Djursland,…


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