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Nokia Presents Epic Light Show On Millbank Tower

Millbank Tower is an iconic skyscraper visible for miles in the British night. But on November 28th, it was plunged


White Girls Windows Phone 7 Rap

White girls are notoriously bad at rapping, in real life or online, and here is no exception. This quartet of


Techno Windows Phone Commercial – We Love WP7

When did commercials stop saying what the product does and can do, and started just flashing craziness everywhere? Microsoft begins


Windows 7 Commercial – The Future of Technology, Lost Generation Parody

Microsoft copies a classic viral video of the Lost Generation. Reading it on the way down it's a negative message,


Android, Windows 7, iPhone Grilled

Only in America we burn expensive, and also toxic consumer electronics just for kicks. Which smart phone will die first


HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 Commercial

The HTC HD7 is a  Windows Phone 7 that has a 4.3'' crisp screen and even has a pull out stand


Windows Phone 7 Team Thriller Dance

After month of hard work on the new Windows Phone 7, the Microsoft team has a parade and dance to