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Superheroes, Video Game Stars, Wizards, And Jedi Play Soccer

Even though most Americans aren't that interested in the sport, soccer is actually the most popular physical game in the…

Adorable Toddler Thinks He’s A Wizard As Parents Pause And Play TV With Remote

Forget "wingardium leviosa." This little wizard has a magic spell of his own. With a simple, "Ahh cha!" the toddler…

LEGO Voldemort Meets Gandalf While Wand Shopping

All nerds know that He Who Must Not Be Named is the most powerful wizard in the world. Or is…

Potion Overdose

Everyone knows that when a dueling wizard finds himself in a dire situation, a quick swig of a magic potion…

2011 Quidditch World Cup

The final Harry Potter film finally came out this year, but that doesn't mean the buzz surround the Internationally famed…

All Harry Potters Movies Recapped

Rafi and Benny Fine are famous for their one take videos recapping movies, video games, and books. As the last,…


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