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World Of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Trailer

It may not be the top of the news anymore, but the World of Warcraft is still one of the most popular…

Leeroy Jenkins Remade Into Short Film

Any veteran nerd Internet user will remember the classic Leroy Jenkins World Of Warcraft viral video from the dawn of…


World of Warcraft

In Real Life – Short Documentary About One Gamer’s World Of Warcraft Addiction

Anthony Rosner had completed almost every possible accomplishment possible in the World of Warcraft. He was even the head of a large guild,…

Chuck Norris World Of Warcraft Commercial

Chuck Norris is actually a bigger celebrity on the Internet than in real life. He's talked about as a somewhat…


Funny Pictures – World of warcraft

World Of Warcraft Epic Meal Time Parody

There have been plenty of Epic Meal Time spoofs and parodies when the boys of EMT first went viral. But…

Zerg Attacks World Of Warcraft

The Zerg break the time space continuum and attack Azeroth. Humans and Orcs band together to fight off the invasion.…

Nerd In Red Shirt Stumps World Of Warcraft Designers At BlizzCon, Red Shirt Guy Responds To Internet Fame

I have no idea what he's talking about even though I did consider myself a nerd. This guy in the…

Truck Driver Turns Around On Edge Of Cliff

This truck driver has amazing skills. One wrong move and it would all be over. He'd be a splattered mess…



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