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Wolverine The Musical

The new X-Men movie, X-Men: Days of Future Past, is coming soon. To further hype up the action superhero movie, Wolverine


Wolverine Cat

How can the everyday house cat be any cooler in the eyes of the Internet? Cross it with the popular


JFK And The Mutant Conspiracy

Even though President John F Kennedy was assassinated 50 years ago, conspiracies still surround the murder.  Did Oswald really act


Professor X Fires Angel From The X-Men

New late night show host on the block, Pete Holmes, is back with his hilarious series, Ex-Men.  As per usual, Professor


X-Men Days Of Future Past Trailer

The newest trailer in the X-Men Movies series has just debuted online, and it has instantly gone viral! Nerds can't help


Firing Gambit From The X-Men Comedy Sketch

Superhero and comic book lover Pete Holmes is on a viral roll! Over the past week he has been trending for


Professor X Fires Wolverine In ‘Ex-Men: Wolverine’ Comedy Sketch

Of all the X-Men, Wolverine is the most famous. He's just so cool. There's even an offshoot X-Men movie series


Troye Sivan Comes Out Video

Australian actor Troye Sivan is most famous for playing a Young James Howlett in the X-Men film X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but he


Trask Industries Commercial Is Really A Trailer For ‘X-Men Days Of Future Past’

A new trailer that feels more like a vague commercial from a pharmaceutical company has instantly gone viral. The advert


Everything Wrong With X-Men The Movie

The 2000 film X-Men was one of the first Marvel movies to kickstart the waterfall of superhero movies that have


Propmaster Makes Real X-Men Wolverine Claws

The nerd-tastic Awe Me Channel continues to churn out truly dangerous weapon replicas from Hollywood favorites. In honor of the countless


X-Men 1990’s Cartoon Intro Stop Motion Action Figure Remake

Kyle Roberts and his crew are obviously big fans of the X-Men superhero series. But all these new X-Men and Wolverine