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Tortilla Pizza – You Suck at Cooking (episode 58)

Another tasty video (and this time also description) by You Suck at Cooking that already got over 300,000 views on…

You Suck At Cooking: Valentine’s Day Brownies

You Suck At Cooking shows us how to easily impress your better half (to be) with some sweetness.

You Suck At Cooking: Toasted Walnut Potato Salad

Episode 56 of You Suck At Cooking's hilarious POV-cooking. This time: a boring salad. Just so it is not really…

Make These Kick-Ass Modified Mac And Cheese

Another quick recipe by You Suck At Cooking. If normal Mac and Cheese are way too boring for you -…

You Suck at Cooking: Choco Banana Ice Cream Rap

Okay, now you have a recipe for delicious food AND a tasty earworm who will follow you around for the…


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