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Lion Tries To Eat Baby Through Glass Wall At Zoo

For youngsters, the zoo is a magical place full of new creatures that you have only heard of or seen


Baby Boy Meets Underwater Scuba Diver Through Aquarium Glass Window

Going to the aquarium when you're little is like entering a whole new universe. Creatures you never thought could exist


Cool Man Cleans Cobra Cage

And you thought your job was difficult and dangerous. You got nothing on this zoo keeper. To clean the cobra


Japanese Zoo Tiger Escape Drill

At Tokyo's zoo, they take tiger escapes seriously. So serious that when they run a drill, they have a man


Baby Anteater On Mom’s Back

Would the term 'piggy back ride' still apply? I guess it's an 'anteater back ride'. The baby looks so chill and


Monkeys Swarm Man For Treats At Zoo

They don't really attack, but wow, that's a lot of monkeys. A guest at a zoo gets the opportunity to offer


Zoo Animals Play With Pumpkins

Have any extra pumpkins? Give it to the zoo. This zoo gave extra pumpkins to their animals. Some eat them,


Monkey Punches Capybara’s Nose

A tiny monkey punches this huge rodent capybara, right in the noise. What a bully. The huge rodent doesn't seem


Lion Attacks Trainer At MGM Las Vegas

The lion starts to attack one of the trainers. The second trainer and even the female lion try to stop