Kids Stuck In Mud Needed To Be Pulled Out!

We got a dirty video today for you. A couple kids riding in an off road trail on a UTV get stuck in some very thick mud. The trail looks to be very very muddy and hard to navigate even on a UTV. We get to see how the kinds in the vehicle are stuck and are somewhat deep in the mud. They are behind a UTV in front of them where the camera is recording and get helped. The people in the vehicle in front of them seem to have attacked a chain or rope to their UTV to try and get them out. You see how they struggle to actually free them from the dense mud but eventually they’re able to get it done.
This off roading stuff definitely isn’t for all of us because that mud looked very sludgy and just unpleasant to be covered in. It sure isn’t my cup of tea but there is sure to be many people out there who live for this extreme activity. The kids and the UTV that is stuck in the video gets completely covered in mud from the vehicle in front of them. And in the video you get to see how the kids just laugh it off. They don’t even try to wipe a bit of it off either, pretty messy activity but cool to see nonetheless!