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Hillary Clinton Serves Herself At A Bar On SNL

Now that Saturday Night Live has finally returned for a new season and the next presidential election is just around the


Scotch Experts Review Cheap Whiskey

Whiskey has made a strong return these days. It seems everyone is ordering some form of Scotch, whiskey, or bourbon


Stay Sober To Dock A Boat Like A Boss PSA

There's a reason they say not only to not drive while intoxicated or impaired, but also to not operate heavy


Drunk Raccoon Found In Beer Warehouse

This video by Phillipp Scott doesn't have much of a back story or explanation, but that doesn't matter to viewers. What does


Exes Play Truth Or Drink

Most people do not have a good relationship with their exes. Which isn't all that surprising, they did breakup after


Expensive Wine Is For Suckers

We've all been there before. We're at a fancy party or dinner and we are offered an expensive and exclusive


Justin Timberlake Is A Lime In Weird Tequila Commercial

With so much content online, you've really got to be creative these days to stick out from the crowd. That is


Parents And Kids Play Truth Or Drink

Parents and their kids naturally keep somethings secret from each other. Most parents don't want to tell their kids their embarrassing mistakes


Japanese Whiskey Company 3D Prints Intricate Ice Cube

The only thing better than a nice glass of whiskey is a glass of whiskey with the perfect amount of


Seniors Play Drinking Games With College Seniors

College seniors think they can take anyone in a drinking game. But real senior citizens know they can. In honor


Meals That Could Cure Your Hangover

The weekend is a great time to go out and party late into the night with your friends. The only


Couples Play Truth Or Drink

Truth or Dare is a kid's game. So what do grownups play? How about Truth or Drink. The premise is