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Alton Brown Makes Ice Cream In 10 Seconds

This may be the fastest Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream ever created. Carbonated by Alton Brown, with a little help of


Alton Brown Reviews Dumbest Kitchen Gadgets

We've all seen those commercials while watching TV at 3 in the morning. Those commercials for a kitchen gadget that not only


How To Slice A Mango

Mangos are delicious, but they are so annoying to cut up. The large, fibrous pit in the middle is simply


How To Build A Fry Derrick

Foodie and Food Network star Alton Brown is a huge fan of fried food done right. One of his favorites it fried


How To Cook Steak Directly On The Coals

Grilling season is officially here. To shake things up a bit, foodie Alton Brown demonstrates how to properly grill what he considers


Alton Brown Explains How To Tie A Bow Tie

Alton Brown is well known for his foodie creations and individualism. He doesn't simply follow the trends because everyone else is.


Alton Brown Makes Wok Fried Peanut Butter

Foodie Alton Brown loves peanut butter. He loves it so much, he eats the nutty spread right out of the jar.


Alton Brown’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Foodie Alton Brown is known for not following the status quo. He takes his food darn seriously, no matter how much more


How To Open Bottle Of Champagne With A Saber

Opening a bottle of Champagne with a sword is how a dashing gentleman opens the bubbly wine. But you can't just


Alton Brown Creates Mustard Caddy From Egg Carton

Is there anything more annoying than having a slew of almost empty bottles of mustard in the fridge? Foodie Alton Brown has


South Park Iron Chef Spoof

South Park spoofs Iron Chef and other cooking shows, having Randy Marsh compete with Bobby Flay while Gordon Ramsay yells at