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Amazon Builds Supermarkets Without Checkouts

I always find it to be somehow curios when online companys tend to do offline business. With "Amazon Go" the…

Alton Brown Reviews Dumbest Kitchen Gadgets

We've all seen those commercials while watching TV at 3 in the morning. Those commercials for a kitchen gadget that not only…

Amazon Prime Air Commercial

After teasing the Internet before, Amazon has finally debuted their official Prime Air program. That's right. Now, depending on your location and the…

News Anchor Has A Very Dirty Theory Why Amazon Is More Successful Than Walmart

The financial world has been buzzing since Internet retail behemoth Amazon has been assessed as more valuable than Walmart last week. Countless financial talking heads…

Amazon Dash Button Commercial

Online services like Amazon have changed the way we go shopping. Now, instead of heading out to the store when…

Amazon Echo Is Amazon’s Answer To Siri

Siri is no longer the only computer secretary out there. Microsoft has debuted their mobile helper called Cortana, and now…

Acting Out Amazon Product Reviews

Rhett & Link found some ridiculous kitten and dog t-shirts on Amazon and sifted through the product reviews. Then, they acted…

Amazon Prime Air Delivers Packages With Drones Commercial

Amazon has just unveiled this commercial for their much anticipated drone deliver program, Amazon Prime Air. Soon, the skies will be full…

Robbery Victim Stars In Sarcastic News Report After Amazon Delivery Was Stolen

This CBS 5 KPHO news report has gone viral on YouTube after James Poling posted the humorous clip. A Phoenix man awaiting a…

Amazing Amazon Box Keeps Flipping At Shipping Factory

This mail box keeps flipping in place on a factory moving belt.



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