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Is ‘Breaking Bad’ a Prequel to ‘The Walking Dead’?

Netflix just got viral with their animated fan theorie of "Breaking Bad" being a possible prequel that led to the


Better Call Saul Sneak Peek

One of the most popular secondary characters on AMC's hit thriller Breaking Bad was Saul Goodman the lawyer. Fans simply loved Bob Odenkirk's


Zombies Under The Sidewalk Grates Prank In New York City

Walking on the grates on the sidewalk is scary enough. What if they give way? That's why most people prefer


Ellen Replaces Don Draper’s Cigarettes With Party Horns On ‘Mad Men’

Yesterday was the Great American Smoke Out when smokers are encouraged to try and not light up for the whole day


Honest Trailer Of ‘The Walking Dead’

Besides for Breaking Bad, AMC's acclaimed zombie apocalypse series The Walking Dead may be their second most watched show. But the popular


The Walking Dead Season 4 Trailer

This trailer for AMC's popular drama The Walking Dead Season 4 which aired at Comic-Con has turned out to be one of the


Breaking Bad Simpsons Couch Gag Introduction

The Simpsons introductory couch gag is one of the most famous parts of the long running animated show. For their


The Walking Dead 1990’s Style Introduction

Goes To Eleven is unabashedly obsessed with the 90's. They specialize in recreating 1990's style introductions to popular shows of today.  The


The Walking Dead Dumb Ways To Die Parody

The viral Australian song Dumb Ways To Die continues to be parodied online. Sketch comedy artists Teddie Films is the latest to


Breaking Bad Thanksgiving Cooking Show Parody

NSFW Warning - Language In honor of Thanksgiving, Barely Political went holiday crazy with a Breaking Bad parody. Instead of cooking meth, the famous


Taylor Swift Breaking Bad Parody We Are Never Ever Gonna Cook Together

Taylor Swift's hit single, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, came out this past summer, but only now are


Forrest Gump Trailer As A Gangsta Movie

Gangster movies, better known as films for the 'Urban market,' revolve around football scholarships, friends being shot in drive by