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Truth Or Dare: Getting Kicked Out Of A Store

It's not easy to get kicked out of a store, but this funny girl gives it her all. Not sure


Black Bear Smashes Kayak Despite Women Begging

Most people would either run or freeze if they were confronted alone by a black bear in the Alaskan wilderness.


Guy Annoys Girlfriend With Silly Puns At Ikea

Ahh, Ikea, the place so many of us end up on the weekend to buy stuff we don't need when


Patrick Stewart Acts Out The Most Annoying People On A Plane

Travelling on a long flight can be very convenient, but there is a price to pay for moving around the


Google Goggles Parody Portrays How Annoying Google Glass Will Be In Real Life

Now that Google Glass has been fully announced the parodies are naturally pouring in. The official Google Glass commercial portrays the new


Little Girl Throws Temper Tantrum After Jessica Sanchez Loses American Idol 2012

Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips faced off head to head in this year's American Idol finale, and Philip ended up with


Richard Simmons Geico Commercial

GEICO is best known for their proper speaking gecko and other ridiculous marketing. Their latest viral hit features everyone's favorite Sweatin'


Man Passes Out From Being Tickled

Due to some type of medical condition, this dude passes out whenever he is tickled too much. He allows his


Driver Takes Three Minute To Park Smart Car

The Smart Car, which debuted with much buzz, has already flopped in America. It doesn't get much better mileage than


Fat Man Imitates Crying Baby Perfectly

Watching a grown man cry can be a difficult thing. But it's even harder to watch a grown man imitate


My Jeans – Annoying Kids Pop Song

Though posted in 2010, My Jeans just now went viral on the blogo-sphere. People love to annoy themselves and their friends. 


Wheat Thins Uber Real Commercial FAKE

I feel bad having to say this, but some people scare me. Obviously this commercial is not real. The Wheat