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From One Second To The Next It Can Wait Documentary

ATT published this powerful documentary to help curb texting while driving before the weekend, and already it has amassed over 1.1…

Unnecessarily Censored AT&T Commercial

Unnecessary censorship is the popular long standing series on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  Jordan P. made his own unnecessarily censored video from…

AT&T’s Viewtron System From 1983 Was An Early Try At The Internet

Before the official Internet, there were many other networks that gave it their best, but ultimately failed. One great example…

1960’s AT&T Robot Short Film By Jim Henson

AT&T just released this very odd short film from their archives. Simply called "Robot," the short was made Jim Henson--most famous…

AT&T BlackBerry Torch Commercial

Sometimes, corporations get lucky, and a commercial of theirs goes viral for no apparent reason at all. In this case,…

Diggy Simmons AT&T Commercial

Diggy Simmons goes on top of a sky scraper in probably New York. Diggy goes on his cell phone and…



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