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Australian ‘Planking’ Fad

There have been plenty of stupid fads and crazes in the United States that most look back on with regret.


Facebook In Real Life

There have been plenty of spoofs of the famous social network, Facebook, in real life before. abchungrybeast give the parody a


Celebrity Chef Matt Moran Yells At TV Crew For Throwing Away His Food, Storms Off Set

Matt Moran is a famous Australian chef who is well known for his TV cooking shows. After a bit on set, a


Woman Swearing On Australian Public Broadcast News Show

Body language 'experts' have to be the biggest scam since Taro Cards. Most of what they say is obvious, and


St. Patrick’s Irish Dancing Flashmob In Central Station

Over 100 dancers make a surprise splash in Central Station in Sydney, Australia. They start small dancing a classic Irish


Long Stabby Thing – Australian Morning News

The men on the Today Show couldn't keep a straight face any longer, after discussing keeping long stabby things in


Canoeing In McDonalds Austraila Flood 2011

The flooding in Milton Austraila was extreme. How bad was it? Well let's just take a boat trip through the


Toowoomba Australia Flooding 1/10/11

The flooding in Australia is terrifying. Cars are just swept away like empty soda cans.  


Australian Justin Bieber

Australian Jamie Laou has become famous for not only looking like Justin Beiber, but also talking like him. Now if


Craig Morgan Comedian Interview On Australia’s Weekend Sunrise

Craig Morgan is most famous for lip syncing and acting out the famous SNL Surprise skit. Now he is going


Girls Blew Me – Austraila X Factor

I think we all know how to get on TV now. Blow this guy.


Oprah Takes Audience To Australia With John Travolta

Oprah's started her last season with a huge bang. She's taking her entire studio audience to Australia. With John Travolta