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Michigan Beer Chair

I want one, where do I sign up? [embed][/embed]


A World Record Only The Germans Could Break

I mean, who else is so familiar with litres and litres of beer? [embed][/embed]


One Big Fail

You want money, you get a facial of beer.


She Was Just Trying To Finish Her Six Pack!

These 4th of July celebrations are getting out of hand people! [embed][/embed]


Underground Fake Beer Factory Gets Busted

Justice is a dish best served cold, and this fake beer factory had it coming. [embed][/embed]


Keg Tapping: A How Not To Tutorial

Keg tapping is an underrated skill and this video proves why it takes extensive training to get it right.


Bartenders Try To Guess Who Is Underage

Bartending is harder than you think, did you know how hard it is to guess if someone can legally have

Meme, Video

Not now beer – I’m trying to study


Funny Sketch: That Mate Who’s Too Into His Beer

A funny sketch going viral right now by Third Leg Studios who demonstrate to us that there are honorable people

Grandpa Opens Beer He Saved 32 Years for Cubs Win

The waiting was worth it! Not only could this young gentleman finally open his reserved can of beer, after the


Roomba Beer Pong Is The Next Level

Beer Pong has been around for ages. Finally, it seems the game has taken a step into the 21st century.


Six Pack Rings That Are Edible

As most kids learn at a young age, you should cut the rings of a six pack for canned drinks