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Breckenridge Brewery Spoofs Coors Light Mountains That Turn Blue When Cold

Coors Light is famous for their cold beer indicating system. The somewhat useless gag is a picture of a mountain…

Budweiser ‘Gay’ Military Commercial

When I first saw this commercial, I didn't think for a second there was anything gay about it at all.…

12 Year Old Beer Pong Master Trick Shot Video

He can't drink yet, but that's ok, because he'll never have to drink. All of his last opponents had to…

Small And Large Beer Same Size At Oakland A’s Stadium

The Oakland Athletics are the second stadium to be caught scamming people over the beers they sell. A small is…

Small And Large Beer Are The Same Size At Seattle Qwest Field

When you buy a large beer for a $1.25 more, you expect more beer. The cup looks much bigger, so…

Carlsberg Best Ad In The World Folded Paper Bottle Opener

This may be the best ad in the world. Fold up an Carlsberg magazine ad into a paper bottle opener.…

Finland News Anchor Pretends To Drink Beer During Alcohol Report

Kimmo Wilska reports on the misconduct of bars selling alcohol, and pretends to take a swig of beer. He flinches…

Girl Hits Every Switch In Future Apartment, Gets Stuck Under Couch – Stella Artois Commercial

This guys date is intrigued by his hi tech apartment with cool switches. While he goes to get a beer,…

How To Open A Beer Bottle In Norway

With power tools of course. Cheers.  



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