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Classic Soundtrack For Eating Currwurst By The Berlin Orchestra

Director Boris Seewald put together ten delightful videos for the Konzerthaus Berlin. With #klangberlins you get to see typical things…

Watch Conans Entertaining Trip To Berlin

Conan visited Berlin and brought a lot of videos back with him to the US. For me as a German…

Guerilla Artists Put Window Boxes On A Subway

Friendly street art performed in Berlin. The "Toy Crew" did decorate a subway with lots of window boxes with flowers…

Tom Hiddleston Sings Stand By Me Karaoke

German lifestyle magazine Taff hosted Hollywood actor Tom Hiddleston on their show recently.  In this special bonus clip, a Taff reporter drives Tom around…

German Woman With Extremely Small Waist

Viewers were last aghast by the video that went viral in January featuring the woman with the biggest hips in…

Cars Paint Road Art After Paint Is Dumped Onto Street

A team of artist/prankster dumped paint in a busy Berlin intersection. The cars and bikes became huge metal brushes painting…


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