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Can you power A Home With A Bicycle?

Short answer: no. But the really entertaining thing about this video is it's long answer. Ryan Kellman and Adam Cole


Why Men’s Bikes Have A Horizontal Crossbar & Women’s Not

I thought this fact would be general knowledge, but somehow this video by Today I Found Out, explaining why there


Tiny Practical Bicycle Car Protects Rider From Elements

Everyone knows that bicycling is the one of the best forms of transportation around town. They take up less space,


Google Self-Driving Bicycle

Google is famous around the world for not only their search engine, but also for their innovative inventions, such as autonomous


Log On Bike Path Is Not What It Seems

Bicyclist Gplnd was biking along a bike path when he noticed something up ahead on the path. Ugh, another jerk left a


Biker’s Epic Fail As An Unexpected GoPro Commercial

Helmet camera footage from bikers traversing difficult terrains is always heart-racing and exciting. But what about the footage you don't


Biker Stumbles Upon Horde Of Kangaroos

This scene looks like it's from a dream, but it's actually real life! Ben Vezina was bicycling down a nature path when he


Strongman Literally Picks Up And Moves Car Parked In Bike Lane

In America, biking is really more of a recreational sport for exercise or enjoyment. For travelling, we mostly use cars. But in


Bike Race On Glacier Is Intense

Most bicycle races are not that exciting. But as its name implies, the Megavalanche is mega intense. Riders race down a


First Ever BMX Quad Backflip

For the common sports enthusiast, performing just one backflip on a bicycle is hard enough. But daredevils are always pushing the


Olympic Cyclist Powers A Toaster

Most of take our technologically advanced world for granted. We flip lights on and off without even thinking about it.


Riding Backwards Steering Bicycle Is Nearly Impossible

We've all heard the saying "it's just like riding a bicycle," meaning it's something that you can pick up years