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Man Breaks Bricks By Hand

Guy Breaking Bricks With Nothing But His Hand Ready to watch a surprising video? Check this video out of a


Watch A Car Break Explosion In Super Slowmotion

The people from Beyond The Press did heat up the break of a car pretty good and got it on


FailArmy Best of: Breaking Things

Another "Best of" from FailArmy featuring a lot of breaking stuff. Only the view numbers seem to be solid (with


Housekeeper Receives Life Changing Surprise

Break has brought back their charity program Prank It Forward just in time for the holiday season. Their most popular video


Movie Trailer Voice Prank At The Food Court

Jon Bailey is famous as the epic movie trailer voice guy. He often collaborates with Break for their popular Honest Trailer series. Kevin,


Hot Girl Car Thief Prank

It's no secret that it doesn't take a lot for men to help a young damsel in distress. Break took advantage


Good Guy Cop Pull Over Prank

It's no secret. The Internet really doesn't like cops all that much. To spread cheer and to show that not


Movie Trailer Voice At The Drive-Thru Prank Is Hilarious

Break is continuing their positive Prank it Fwd campaign.  For their hilarious prank, they enlisted the help of Jon Bailey who is the voice


Ultimate Girls Fail Compilation 2013

For some reason, Internet viewers just love to watch girls fall, tumble, and slip. How sadistic.  Last year, Fail Army posted a


Best Wins Of 2013

The end is near. 2013 is almost over.  To close the Internet year right, Break put together this wrap up compilation of


Paying Strangers $100,000 Ransom For Kidnapped Son Prank

For Break's latest evil prank, Kevin Brueck walked up to complete strangers, gave them a briefcase with $100,000 of ransom money, and asked


Epic Movie Trailer Voice Prank

Jon Bailey, the voice-over actor for Honest Trailers, took a recess from his work at Screen Junkies to join Kevin's team at Break for