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The Bullying Social Experiment

Bullying has become a serious issue in our society, but no one seems to know how to fix it. Fousey


Businessman Being Bullied At The Office French PSA

Bullying is not just an American phenomenon. It is an issue around the globe.  To demonstrate just how destructive and


‘To This Day’ Anti-Bullying Animated Poem

Poet Shane Koyczan's new To This Day Project has instantly gone viral. Like countless adults, Shane relives his dark childhood on a daily


Overweight News Anchor Stands Up To Her Online Bullies

Jennifer Livingston is a local CBS news anchor, and recently, bullies and critics have taken to Facebook to mock and degrade


Bully Victim Jillian Jensen Sings ‘Who You Are’ On X Factor

There's no question America has a deep bully epidemic. Instead of being a place of safety and learning, our schools


Bully Documentary Trailer

For a while now in America, bullying has gotten out of control. It seems every time the last storm finally calms, a


San Francisco Police Department: It Gets Better

More and more people and groups, famous and not, are coming out in support of the LGBT community, and really


Disney Makes Official It Gets Better Video

The It Gets Better project exploded last year with people and organizations creating positive videos to uplift bully victims. The


German McDonald’s Commercial Takes On Burger King

It's not just America where Burger King and McDonald's battle to be the number one fast food distributor; now it's


Bully Victim Tells Sad Note Card Story

A popular way for kids to express themselves online these days is with note cards. Teens and kids play a


Teacher Bullying Special Needs Student Caught On Camera

The bullying epidemic in America is very serious, causing some kids to commit suicide. But no one expects the bullying


Kids React To Famous Bullying Viral Video

Bullying has been a national epidemic in America for sometime now. Kids get so bullied for so long, some even