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Japanese Fast Food Cheeseburger Meal Candy Set

Japan is famous for their awesome candy sets that are more fun to play with than actually eating. Japanese candy


Homemade Giant Toffee Crisp Bar Time Lapse

British candy enthusiasts Roboticpink spent two days in their Bristol kitchen creating a massive toffee crisp bar. After using 10 pounds of milk


Street Artist ‘Draws’ Dragon With Caramel

This Asian street artist/candyman deserves better than just the streets. He 'draws' beautiful dragons from flowing caramel in exquisite and intricate detail. The


M&M’s Sexy And I Know It Super Bowl Commercial

Amazingly, people still aren't sick of LMFAO and M&M's has just gone viral thanks to jumping aboard the train. In


Starburst Flavor Morph Streets Commercial

Starburst and Skittles are both owned by the same parent company, so it makes sense that they both have ridiculously


How Candy Canes Are Made

Now is a time of gingerbread men and candy canes. But how do they make those sugary sticks full of


Strange Japanese Candy Set

This video of a Japanese candy set is from 2009, but has recently started to go viral. A candy connoisseur


82 Year Old Grandma Tries Pop Rocks For First Time

This video is from the end of 2009, but just went viral now, appearing on sites like , StuffIStole, and


Jimmy Kimmel Makes Kids Cry Over Halloween Candy

For some reason, Jimmy Kimmel thought it would be funny for parents to tell their kids that they had eaten


Two Year Old Tries Super Sour Candy

The rare super sour candy called Toxic Waste is so intense, the creators challenge consumers how long they can keep


Epic Meal Time Candy Only Episode

EpicMealTime is famous for one thing-eating outrageous amounts of food. So far they have all contained meat and lots of


8-Bit Themed Stop Motion Video Made Out Of Gummy Bears

Sam Q Kim used pounds of gummy bears to make this cute 8-bit video game themed stop motion video. Music