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38 Sweet Facts About Candy

In honor of Halloween, popular Internet nerd John Green investigates candy on his weekly Mental Floss educational-list show.  Finally, discover just how


Android KitKat Commercial

As a great way to promote their new operating system and continue their pattern of naming them after candy, Android


Red Hot Nickel Ball Instantly Melts Gummy Bears

Cars and Water is well known online for his basement science experiments involving a red hot ball of nickel. In this


Nerf War: The Candy Cartels Short Action Film

In 2011, the special effect masters at the Final Cut King made an explosive, and viral, Nerf Office War video that stands with


Boxes Of Movie Theater Candy Dominoes

Moron United works at the local movie theater. At the end of the day, his manager told him to "get rid


Shower Patch Kids Body Wash April Fool’s Commercial

Were you ever tricked by all those delicious and yummy looking soap and shampoo bottles as a kid? They look


M&M’s Devour Superbowl 2013 Commercial

Last year, M&M's stole the spotlight with their adorable and hilarious Sexy And I Know It Superbowl commercial. Attempting to


Mission Impossible Baby Picks Up Candy

Ethan Hunt, the famous spy from Mission: Impossible, has been off the radar for some time now. Unknown to most,


Three Year Old Boy Reacts To Atomic Warhead Ultra Sour Candy

ElDiPablo published video of his adorable three year old son Brayden tasting a world famous super sour Atomic Warhead candy. Of course,


Granpa Reacts To Sour Candy

make other sour candies look like baby food. Just how sour are the green apple candies? Sandozai gave their grandpa just one piece, and


Proper Post-Halloween Candy Trading Guide

Halloween is upon us early as most people have been parting all weekend dressed up as ghosts, goblins, and celebrities. And BuzzFeed


Unreal Candy Promotes ‘Unjunked’ Candy With Nothing Artificial

Today there is a major shift in the way people consume foods. Those who want more control of what they