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Hidden Adult Jokes In SpongeBob

SpongeBob innocent? Do you really think so? After watching this video you won't ever view the cartoon the same way.…

How A Melancholy Egg Yolk Conquered Japan

Japan is known for their weird shit, so it's no surprise they love this egg yolk cartoon.

Top 6 Cartoon Characters who finally revealed their secret faces

What the hell does Kenny from South Park look like? And what about all those cartoon characters who we have…

Cats Versus Boxes: A Lovestory

We love cartoons and we love cats, so naturally we love Simon's cat as well.

These Weird Cartoons Are Truly Next Level

We were not yet familiar with this cartoonist, who clearly has a crazy creative mind. The video consists out of…

That Silly Law In Your Country? It’s Nothing Compared To This

We bet everyone gets upset now and then about some silly rule or law they never knew existed. We sure…

Cyanide & Happiness Shorts: Pool Party

Just an ordinary Cyanide & Happiness party. With already over 1.4 million guests. Sweet! "Hey man, cool party!"

Cyanide & Happiness Short: The Waterpark

Another silly and studpid and awesome short by Explosm Entertainment aka "Cyanide & Happiness". This visit to the waterpark got…

Why Do Cartoon Characters Wear Gloves?

Vox eplains the trick behind the good old glove wearing cartoon characters. Over 2.6 million people have already seen this…

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Intro Animated With Mario Paint

Mike Matei aka Cinemassacre did spend over six months playing with the classic "Mario Paint" to create his own version…

If Disney Characters Had Facebook

Another issue of The Warp Zone's "If ... Had Facebook". This one, featuring Ariel, Bambi, Dumbo and others shows us…

The Boss Battle In A Pub Full Of Villains

This episode of the animated series by How It Should Have Ended got over 2.3 million views so far... "Batman…



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