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Eat 50 Donuts As Fast As You Can — Are You Up For It?

We can't hear the words 'chocolate'  or 'glazed' anymore. In fact, it makes us a little nauseous. This guy goes


500 Tic Tac Smoothie Challenge

If you are craving for a freshly made and tasteful smoothie - don't watch this! ;) Furious Pete at least


How To DAD Does The Gumboot Flip Challenge

Neat little teaser by How To DAD who will be throwing boots a lot within the next couple weeks. "I'm


Father Does P&J Sandwiches EXACTLY The Way His Kid’s Tell Him To

I really like the idea behind the "Exact Instructions Challenge". Josh Darnit got his kids to make instructions on how


Rhett And Link Do The Speed Listening Challenge

In this issue of Good Mythical Morning hosts Rhett and Link try to listen really fast. Nonetheless this video is


Dad Does Hilarious Voiceover For Beauty Vlogger

Even though this idea isn't that new anymore (sooo 2016!), this video of Sophie Alder has already got over 150,000


Epic 2016 Pop Medley + Mannequin Challenge

Yes, the "Mannequin Challenge" is an old trick, but you have to see this one at last. TheSamTsui got a


Ryan Higa Ends All Challenges With This Epic Mashup

"The Stop Doing Challenges Challenge!" is the title of YouTuber nigahiga new video that went viral within the last days,


Jimmy Fallon Has To Guess What Emma Stone Is Whispering

This singing whisper challenge with Emma Stone from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon got over 1.5 million views within


Slow Mo Guys Challenge: Air Pistol Vs Candle

The Slow Mo Guys have a little fun with an air pistol and lots of candles. Who can shoot it


This Dog Just Won The Mannequin Challenge

Jason Erickson seems to have the coolest dog in the world. Or a really lifelike looking stuffed one, I don't


Sesame Street: Mannequin Challenge

I am a really big fan of the coolness and moderness of the original version of the "Sesame Street". Here