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Chimp Builds Fire And Toasts Marshmallows

To promote their Monkey Planet series, the BBC published this eye-opening clip on YouTube. Incredibly, a smarter than the average Bonobo demonstrates…

Chimpnology Will Have You Asking WTF?

This outrageous video by UK animator Cyriak Harris has gone viral, being featured by LaughingSquid, Neatorama, BoingBoing, and even YouTube and . …

Chimpanzee Trailer – Disney Nature Movie

Only the magicians at Disney could be capable of making an emotional orphan story from real events in the wild.…

Chimp Is Confused By Magic

This video of Japanese television was posted online in 2009, but only now became a viral sensation with over 100,00…

Mom Chimp Finds Her Dead Baby

This is so sad. Over and over again the mother chimpanzee checks on her now dead infant. She seems in…

Jane Goodall 60 Minutes Chimpanzee Story

Jane Goodall is the most famous person in regards to chimpanzee studies. She left for the African jungle when she was just…


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