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‘The Donald Trump Song’ By East India Comedy

Yeah, it is kinda offending, but also mostly true - and if someone has lots of minus karma points regarding


Clash-A-Rama! The Series: 12 Days of Clashmas

This new and christmassy issue of "Clash-A-Rama" by Clash Of Clans already got over 8 million views shortly after uploading.


Billy on the Street: Lupita Nyong’o Tries Stand Up

Actress Lupita Nyong'o tests her comedy skills on people on the streets of New York City by reciting some pieces


Dave Chapelle on Star Search 1993

Under the totally different name "David Chappell", the nowadays beloved stand-up comedian won first prize at the casting show "Star


Jon Stewart’s Twitter Fight with Donald Trump

At the "Stand Up For Heroes" evening former Daily Show host Jon Steward made an entertaining stand up regarding his

Bad Joke Battle: Jose Mourinho vs John Bishop

This little joke battle between Manchester United football coach Jose Mourinho and comedian John Bishop is way too short. via:


This 89 Year Old’s First Stand Up Routine Is Hilarious

It takes years to become a good stand up comic. Even some of today's most famous comedians took years honing


Swedish Magician Performs Comedy Magic Act With Banana

Swedish comedian and magician Carl-Einar Häckner has been trending ever since he published this video of his performance at the Comedy Gala


Eating An Everything Bagel Just Might Blow Your Mind

An everything bagel is a popular choice when you want your chewy bread really packed with flavor. But what if


How Jackie Chan Perfected The Action-Comedy Genre

Even when a movie manages to combine action and comedy, it seems the two genres still stand separately side by


NYPD Arrests Audience Member During Stand-Up Show And Heckles Comedian

Brooklyn comedian Adam Newman was on stage working his set like any other night when the unimaginable happened. Four New York


Dan Naturman’s Stand-Up Comedy Act Will Make You Laugh

Most contestants on America's Got Talent are singers or dancers. Not Dan Naturman. He's a comedian. Nearly all comedy acts on the