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Peyton Manning VS Eli Manning Football Commercial

Brothers Peyton, of the Indiana Colts, and Eli Manning, of the New York Giants, face off on 9/19/10. Brothers will


Betty White T-Shirt And Hoodies – Made By Betty HoodieBuddie Commercial

Betty White teams up with to offer Betty White T-shirts. It's Betty's way or the highway. She's Betty-freaking-White!  


Grandma BMW Drifting – RentMama Commercial

An old lady steals some dudes BMW 3 and proceeds to do amazing doughnuts and drifting action. At first the


PlayStation Move Killing Nintendo Mii Commercial

In a hot desert this guy is run from an obvious Nintendo Mii. He finds a PlayStation Move controller, and


Megan Fox Armani Jeans Full Commercial

Room services knocks on the door to Megan Fox's hotel room. She casually opens in the door in her underwear


Every Home Needs A Harvey – Commercial For Think Box

A couple are at the pound to pick a new dog. Harvey turns on the flat screen to show all


I Was Loving It – Anti McDonald’s Commercial – Consequences

This commercial shows a dead fat guy and his sad living love one crying over his body. He has a


Nokia E7 Smart Phone Commercial

Move over iPhone and Blackberry. Nokia E7 is coming to slay thee. The E7 has a glorious glass touch screen,


Extreme Baby Carrots Commercial

These marketers are geniuses. They make a commercial that's fit for chocolate or candy. EXTREME baby carrots! There's even an


Gay IKEA Commercial – Austria

Europe releases their second gay advertising campaign. First there was the French gay McDonald's ad. Now Austria releases a gay


Police Taser Man – Direct TV Fantasy Football Commercial

Direct TV thinks police brutality is funny. Apparently so do most people as this commercial is going viral. The police


Two Babies Floating In Womb – Born HIV Free Commercial

This commercial is just bizarre. Two babies floating in the womb bouncing around. If the mother gets treatment there is