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Hunter Shoots Bear Fake Video – Commercial Ad For Tipp Ex White Out

I saw this annoying video when it was new, and never thought people would fall for it. Here is another


Samsung Galaxy Tab Official Commercial

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is the perfect size in between an iPhone and an iPad. It has all the same


New Apple iPod Touch Commercial

The new iPod Touch is basically an iPhone 4 just with out the phone capabilities. It has Facetime and can


Double Rainbow Microsoft Windows Live Photo Gallery Commercial

Trying to stay hip and catch the younger market segment, Microsoft hires Yosemite Bear, the 'double rainbow guy'. I'm sure


Dodge Commercial ERASES Monkey!

Here is the original Dodge commercial with a cute monkey pushing a pump to spray some confetti in honor of


NEW Lindsay Lohan Facebook Cameo Commercial – Huge Fortune Cookie

I have no idea what she's promoting or what's the point of this, but it's Lindsay Lohan, and people go


Al Pacino Vittoria Coffee Commercial

Coffee commercial with Al Pacino For Vittoria Coffee.


Annoying Geico Commercial – Little Piggy Going Wee Wee Wee All The Way Home

It's just like it sounds. A 'little piggy' from the classic 'this little piggy went to the market' song, going