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The Movie References In ‘La La Land’

Haven't seen it yet, but everybody praises it. So it's no wonder that this compilation by Sara Preciado got over

Is Donald Trump Mr. Richfield From “Dinosaurs”?!

Matt Orfalea has found an aquivalent to presidential candidate Donald Trump - in a spot you never would have guessed.


Girl Demonstrates The Power Of Makeup

Lots of guys like to say that girls look better without makeup. They think the 'natural' look is better. But


Airbag Deploying One Moment Too Late Has Terrifying Results

We take for granted today that an airbag supplemented with a safety belt can greatly reduce your odds of being harmed


Real Life Is A Lot Less Interesting Than GoPro Videos

The Internet is literally covered with countless amazing, exciting, and fast paced sports videos made using a versatile GoPro camera. After


Sarah Palin In Real Life Compared To Julianne Moore In Game Change

HBO's pseudo-documentary called Game Change is about John McCain choosing Sarah Palin as his vice president running mate in 2008. Critics and


Ferris Bueller Honda Super Bowl Commercial Side By Side Comparison With Original Movie Scenes

Honda and Mathew Broderick made news headlines with their Ferris Bueller homage CR-V commercial during the Super Bowl. It may already be


One For The Money Is The Same Movie As The Bounty Hunter

You really have to keep an eye on Hollywood's new releases. They'll do their best to keep feeding you the


Driving Through Joplin, Missouri Before And After Tornado Comparison

Tornadoes slammed Joplin, Missouri at the end of last May literally tearing the small city apart. Footage from 2010 of