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Everything Wrong With The Secret Life Of Pets

A few hours ago Cinema Sins uploaded their new issue of "Everything Wrong With...". This time the animated movie "The


Everything Wrong With Finding Dory

Cinema Sins again fillets a blockbuster by pointing out what doesn't seem right with it. This time the fishy animated


Everything Wrong With Back To The Future

 The Internet holds the 1980's franchise Back To The Future very dearly in its heart. It's simply a classic so many


What If Star Wars Episode II Was Good

Over a year ago, nerd film critic Belated Media went viral wondering what if Star Wars Episode I was actually good? That


Everything Wrong With Iron Man In 4 Minutes Or Less

Everyone loves a ripping critique, even if it's their favorite movie. That's why movie obsessed Cinema Sins is so popular. Few can


Film Critic Explains How Star Wars I: Phantom Menace Could Be A Good Story

In honor of the re-release of Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace in 3D, film critic Belated Media asks the important question.


Friends With Benefits, No Strings Attached Trailer Mash Up

When I saw the new trailer for Friends With Benefits I immediately thought, 'Where have I seen this before?' Then