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Pets Rocking Their Dad Bods

These animals don't care about their dad bods, and why would they? [embed][/embed]

Cute Kid Caught Red Handed

There is a lot of evidence in this video, but this cute girl denies everything. Time to lawyer up, daddy!…

Are You Sure You’re The Dad?

Sometimes the evidence is right in front of you...

Funny Dad Fails

Daddy is usually very handy or just clumsy. There seems to be nothing in between, and this video is proof.…


This dad is a jolly old chap, and I love how talkative he is. He really speaks straight to your…

Baby Daughter Is Not Impressed With Daddy’s Clean Shave

This dad is curious to find out what his daughter thinks of his new look. Without a beard he looks…

A True Father Always Dreams About His Kids

As a dad, even when you're not on active duty, you'll find a way to make yourself useful.

How To Dad BBQ

This time How To DAD shows us how to grill.

Dad Does Hilarious Voiceover For Beauty Vlogger

Even though this idea isn't that new anymore (sooo 2016!), this video of Sophie Alder has already got over 150,000…

How To Pitch A Tent With Babies

Again we get to see a valuable lesson by YouTube-Dad Jordan Watson who builds a tent for us in several…

41 Dad Jokes In 4 Minutes!

The vlogbrothers have all the dad jokes put together that you probably got to hear within the last days being…

Dad Gets Surprised With Rose Bowl Tickets

I always like to see reaction videos for surprises. This one is a very emotional one, already getting over 400.000…



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