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Romantic Surprise A Cappella Proposal

Omar Kenawi has been long-distance dating his girlfriend Susan for almost two years now. But instead of their love weakening, it only became


Fat Girl Tinder Date Social Experiment

Apparently, the number one fear for men dating online is that the woman will end up being over weight. To


If Women Were Honest On Dates

First dates are always mysterious. Both players often put on a mask while attempting to figure the other out. Things would


What Dating A Real Disney Princes Would Be Like

Disney crept into the mindset of most Americans while they were growing up. As a result, many girls at one


Conan O’Brien And Dave Franco Join Tinder

As most know, Tinder is the popular dating app for people interested in meeting others in their area who are


Ask Girls Out Using Their Own Dating Advice

It's no secret, girls love giving dating advice. Prankster Freddy Fairhair and his friend capitalized on this fact for their latest


Eccentric Shirtless Man Asks Out KTLA Anchor During Wildfire

California news station KTLA 5 has been reporting on the terrifying wildfires that are ravaging many cities and towns. Reporter Courtney Friel was


Instant Date Prank

YouTube prankster Stuart Edge teamed up with magician Jarek and singer Tiffany Alvord to pull off an epic social experiment.  With a hidden crew, they


Lauren Ash Discusses Dates From Hell With Conan

Dating is hard, but actress Lauren Ash is having an especially difficult time finding a normal mate in LA. While visiting


Smooth Ventriloquist Picks Up Girls On The Subway

Everyone knows that girls can't resist a guy with sense of humor. Knowing this, Model Pranksters sent Nigel 'Docta Gel' Dunkley on


Relationship Red Flags You Shouldn’t Ignore

You know when you're in the beginning of an exciting relationship but you notice your significant other starts dropping weird,


Cheesy Pick Up Lines On Campus

Who would have thought that the secret to a girl's heart is to just drop some seriously cheesy pick up