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William And Mary College Senior Asks Out Jeremy Lin To Senior Formal

Ever since Sergent Scott Waren asked Mila Kunis to the Marine Corp Ball, it has become a small trend to ask


Online Dating Service Commercial Parody

Ever since the Internet went mainstream, commercials for websites have crept onto the television. One of the most common Internet


Soldier Asks Jason Aldean To Sing At Her Wedding

There has been a recent fad online of marines asking celebrities to the Marine Corp Ball. Well, this soldier doesn't need


Marine Asks Out Justin Timberlake

After the U.S. Sergeant who asked out Mila Kunis online went viral, Corporal Kelsey De Santis figured she ought to give


Evil Boys Use Wheelchair To Pick Up Girls

The YouTube show SimplePickup showcases guys trying to pick up girls in the park. Each episode they have a different theme


Guy Freaks Out Giving His Dating Interview

Before dating websites which are the norm these days, people used to give a small one sided interview about themselves


Going On A Date With Star Fox Wing Men

Stan Fox is on a mission to get the girl. He has his wing men on his com and is