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Dad Dances With Daughter In The Kitchen

The Internet can be a pretty harsh place. Thankfully, there are dads like this guy who help add some soul and


Dad ‘Snipes’ Toddler With Pillow

Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world. But there are a few perks that makes


Little Girl Can’t Stop Laughing When Dad Explains What Snow Is

Some children struggle in class when trying to understand the science behind precipitation, especially snow. But Mr Curmudgeon's toddler daughter simply


Girl Has The Best Reaction To Reveal Of Darth Vader As Luke’s Father

Every parent has an important job to do once their kids are of age. That job is to show their


Little Girl Tries Oculus Rift For First Time

Most adults freak out when they try out virtual reality for the first time. So it's no surprise this little


Little Girl Godzilla Adorably Destroys Toy Tokyo

Every parent of course loves their children, but when the little ones throw a terrible temper tantrum they can really


Dad Dances With His Kids To Katy Perry

Mother Rujeana decided to keep an extra eye on her kids when she was out of the house and also let


Little Girl Catches Epic Bass Using Toy Barbie Fishing Pole

Most kids go fishing with their dads as a fun way to spend the day. They rarely catch anything at


Little Girl Asks Her Mom To Be Friends With Divorced Dad

Divorce is always hardest on the kids. But it seems six year old Tiana is taking the situation very well. In


Little Girl Declares She Is Not A Princess

It's hard to find a little girl who isn't interested in the royal position of princess. But not just any


Toddler Has The Cutest Reaction When Dad Picks Her Up From First Day Of School

Ahh, the joys of fatherhood. xxMIA METALxx's adorable little girl is still a very young toddler, but she is finally old


Toddler’s Reaction To First Summer Rain Is Pure Magic

Everything is exciting and novel for a baby. The world is truly a magical place. Don Swift's precious little baby Harper