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Dave Chapelle on Star Search 1993

Under the totally different name "David Chappell", the nowadays beloved stand-up comedian won first prize at the casting show "Star


David Blaine’s Frog Trick for Drake, Steph Curry & Dave Chappelle

Another mind blowing trick done by magician David Blaine. And the best thing is to see some major celebrities like


Dave Chappelle Describes His First Encounter With Kanye West

After being off the radar for a number of years, popular comedian Dave Chappelle has resurfaced. He just recently went


Dave Chappelle Talks With David Letterman About Quitting His Comedy Show

It seems like yesterday, but it was nearly eight years ago when comedian Dave Chappelle quit his comedy show on Comedy


Dave Chappelle: In His Own Words Short Film

Those who were conscious in 2003 remember how big Chappelle Show was when it premiered on Comedy Central. Everyone was watching it and talking about


Dave Chappelle Gives First Interview In Five Years

The comedian super star, Dave Chappelle, gave his first official interview in five years on the Wild 94.9 radio station