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Hyun-Jin Ryu Plays Catch With Young Fan Before The Game

YouTuber Dodger Films specializes in fan made videos of all the action in Dodgers stadium. Only now has his first video gone…

Matt Kemp Gives Disabled Teen His Cap, Jersey, And Shoes After Game

Dodgers player Matt Kemp has gone viral, and it's all because an unplanned act of kindness was caught on camera.…

Dad Drops Daughter Trying To Catch Foul Ball At Dodgers Game

Most viral videos of foul balls and little kids or dads is when one of them catch the ball in…

Fan Hit In The Head By Line Drive Foul Ball During Dodger’s Batting Practice – 9/3/10

Keep your eye on the guy in the blue shirt with a shaved head. He's kind of blocked by the…



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