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Band Plays Pokemon Trainer Battle

For any nerd, the music to the trainer battles from Pokemon is stamped on their brain. It's just so addictive and it's…

Juggling While Playing The Drums

Just playing the drums alone is difficult enough. Juggling is also a rare talent. But doing both together basically takes…

Buddy Rich Plays Drums On Sesame With Animal

This older video from 2009 had only a few thousand hits. Recently, it has recieved some viral buzz. Buddy Rich was…

New Born Baby Plays Air Drums And Bass

Only seven weeks old and this baby is a rock star. Baby can rock out with the best of them. First…

Cute Girl Playing Drums Parabola By Tool

When was the last time you saw a girl rock out hard on the drums? Ye me neither. Meytal Cohen…

Travis Barker Drumming On Boat, Middle Of Atlantic Ocean

Travis Barker shows off some of his incredible skills. He's on a boat.

Washing Machine Sounds Like Drums

Washing machine plays a pretty good drum beat caught on video.  



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