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Billie Jean Duet On Cover Piano And Drums

Popular music partners Michael Henry & Justin Robinett last went viral with their Unique Piano And Drums Cover Of Just Give


David Letterman “Are Those Your Drums?” Compilation

Being funny, witty, and charming on a nightly basis is pretty much impossible, so late night hosts will often take


Unique Piano And Drums Cover Of ‘Just Give Me A Reason’

Just Give Me A Reason by Pink and Nate Ruess quickly became a pop music staple after debuting in February. The


Hot Scots Drum Line High School Talent Show Performance

Fernandiish published this video from the talent show at Lake Howell High School back in 2011, but it has only gone viral


Swiss Top Secret Drum Corps 2012 Performance

The Top Secret Drum Corps is a Swiss music group like no other. Based in Basel, Switzerland, the crew of 25 drummers


Cute Asian Kid Plays Xylophone During Music Class

What kid doesn't like the xylophone? There's no wrong way to play it. This adorable Asian kid absolutely is a


Boy Bangs Out Sick Drum Beat On Washing Machine

Dancarollo posted this video in September, but it only went viral now. Ten year old Whirled Beat couldn't help but notice how good


Gangnam Style Drum Cover

Like so many other people online, Matt Harwood-Jones is a fan of PSY's hit single Gangnam Style originating in the great nation


Four Armed Robot Plays Drums

This week old video music video by lichenthrope has gone viral, garnering over 300,000. The star of the video is a


Kid Wakes Up To Nirvana Playing Air Drums

This three week old video exploded online over the weekend, amassing over 630,000 hits, and being covered by YouTubeTrends, Gawker, DailyPicks,


Disabled Drummer With No Hands Performs Hot Right Now Drum Cover

There are literally countless drum cover videos online, but Cornelmunn really sticks out from the crowd. He's a great drummer now,


Video Game Rock Medley

YouTuber musician Freddie25 has awakened from his Internet hiatus with his latest track. For ten beautiful, nerdy minutes on guitar, FreddeGredde